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Project Introduction
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Grand Business Park is a comprehensive and modern park which will be composed of a shopping complex, shopping malls, a high class office building, villas with supporting facilities such as a five star hotel and conference center. People dealing in commercial activities here will be able to find basically everything under one roof. Some of the trade will include building materials, decoration materials, furniture, items for home use including clothing and shoes, cars and auto parts sales, electrical appliances etc. The park shall also have full coverage of internet, a 24 hour security monitoring system and full time solar energy to curb power outages.
This park covers 20.26 hectares, 170,000m2 of construction area in total and the whole investment is estimated to cost USD150 million; and will be completed within five years, but in three phases. The first phase has already been under construction and will be expected to finish by September 2019.
It is expected that this investment will have a huge impact on the Malawi economy and will change the face of Lilongwe, the Capital City. A lot of foreign exchange will be saved, as most Malawians who used to travel outside to buy foreign materials will now find no need to do that. More Malawians will find jobs and business opportunities. It is estimated that this investment will directly create 6000 jobs and 9000 indirect jobs for the local people here in Malawi. The utility providers will find more business and the Revenue Authority will collect more taxes.


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