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In order to profoundly implement the spirit of the Eighteenth Congress of Chinese Communist Party, respond to strategic appeal of the "One Belt and One Road", revitalize the economy in Shanxi Province, and promote the development of relevant industries, China Lilongwe Grand Holding Corporation Limited is committed to build one-stop shopping center in Malawi. However, due to limited funding, we are looking for like-minded entrepreneurs and smart people from all walks of life to go to Malawi to open the new world, create new brilliance, and achieve higher ideals of life and values, and to achieve better spread and promotion of the merchant culture of Shanxi Province. Following the spirit of fair cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win result, three cooperation schemes are proposed as follows:

Ⅰ Proportion of Shares by Investment

To determine the proportion of shares according to the investors' investment amount. If investing more than 51% of the total investment, the investor can be the controlling shareholder. And the investor can select a director to participate in decision-making, can select commissioner to participate in the daily management of the company, also can assign a financial supervisor or an accounting firm to supervise capital operation of the company. If investing less than 51% and more than 21% of the total investment, the investor can assign people to participate in the company management. If the investment is less than 20% of the total investment, the company will regularly provide the investor with cash flow statement, balance sheet and income statement, in order that the investor will be clear of the capital operation. And the investor can enjoy annual profits of the company according to the investment shares.

Ⅱ Subitem Investment

Considering that projects of the Ground Business Park include building materials market, commerce and trade market, auto parts market, shopping center, etc., investors can choose one or several projects. If investors invest one or several projects in full, in addition to the payment of the project cost, they also need to pay the upfront land cost, design cost and coordination cost, etc. of the project, and they can also cooperate to invest in the late period of construction.

Ⅲ Investment by Number of Square Meters

It is drawn up that the Ground Business Park is invested starting at 1000 square meters as one unit, and the property right of the invested square meters shall be owned by investors. However, it must be managed unitedly by the company and the investors shall be distributed in proportion with rental income or profits according to the number of square meters invested.

Ⅳ  Exit Mechanism

The company is full of confidence in the future development. If investors want to exit, through negotiation, the company can repurchase according to the net asset value or 15% of annual appreciation rate (the higher shall prevail) within three years, and the investors may choose to continue to hold or sell, or choose to obtain the agreed fixed income to buy back.

The above are just proposed cooperation schemes, and the detailed ones shall be separately agreed.


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