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President Xi Jinping attends the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa
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On July 25, President Xi Jinping attended the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa and delivered an important speech entitled "realizing common development in keeping with the trend of the times". The nation, Malawi's largest newspaper house, published in full.

In his speech, Xi said that Africa is the continent with the largest concentration of developing countries and the most potential for development in the world.We should strengthen cooperation with Africa, support Africa's development, and strive to make brics cooperation with Africa a model of south-south cooperation.In specific cooperation, we should actively cooperate with African countries in such areas as poverty reduction, food security, innovation, infrastructure construction and industrialization in light of our own realities, help them develop their economic structures, help implement the African union agenda 2063, and enable the ancient African continent to show its vigor and vitality.

We will continue to push forward the development of One Belt And One Road and open up new space for countries to pursue economic and social development and implement the 2030 agenda.The "One Belt And One Road" initiative is based on the principle of jointly building and sharing, originated in China and belongs to the world.We sincerely hope that brics countries, African countries, emerging markets and developing countries will join the One Belt And One Road partnership network, so that more countries and people will benefit from the development of One Belt And One Road.

China is a natural good friend, good brother and good partner of African countries. China-africa cooperation is a model of south-south cooperation.In September, China will co-host the BBS Beijing summit on china-africa cooperation with African countries.The theme of the summit is "win-win cooperation and working together to build a closer china-africa community of Shared future". The focus of the summit is to integrate China and Africa's development strategy with the development strategies of African countries, and achieve win-win cooperation and common development at a higher level.

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