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China Grand Holding expresses gratitude for Mother's Day" large-scale condolence activities
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Another pronoun of mother is greatness, and carrying forward maternal love has always been the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.October 15 is the local mother's day in Malawi, in order to carry forward the traditional Chinese national virtue, China Grand Holding in the spirit of corporate high sense of social responsibility, visited Kamuzu Central Hospital located in Lilongwe at 2 pm on 13th October, and held a large-scale condolence activities there.

At the event, Jonathan Ngoma, Director of the Kamuzu Central Hospital, attended and received donations from China Grand Holding on behalf of the central hospital. Then, General Manager Wu Gaoqiang led the company's employees to distribute daily necessities such as milk powder, soap, and cooking oil, roll cloth to the pregnant women, and represent President Ma Zhanjiang, all the shareholders and all the employees to send blessings to the local women. The whole condolence event was filled with joy and peace.The event also invited local media, including MBC TV, ZODIAC TV, The Nation newspaper and TIMES newspaper, to record The wonderful and unforgettable moment.

  • Present daily use to the women representatives of the hospital

      • Photo of General Manager and Director of Hospital

        Company employees are distributing donation items

        • Company employees are distributing donation items
          Wu Gaoqiang, the company's General Manager, was interviewed by local media

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