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(Ⅱ)Take you into the warm African heart, Africa on the earth a bright...
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In the last issue, I introduced the beautiful scenery of lake Malawi, but this is only a part of Malawi. In this issue, I will lead you to go deep into Malawi and experience local customs and practices, and enjoy the most distinctive natural scenery of Africa.
  • Night view of lilongwe

Lilongwe is the seat of the government of Malawi in the central region.It began as a small village on the river lilongwe and became a British colonial administration center in the early 20th century.Sometimes referred to as a "green city," lilongwe has beautiful gardens and lush trees, exotic and rustic.


Known as the "island in the sky", it is perched beneath the majestic sumba plateau and is made up of rivers, waterfalls and DAMS that flow through the city, making it a cool climate and the best summer resort, which is also the President's back garden.
Here, take a look at the king's African rifle memorial, hike in the mountains, ride in the mountains, play golf on the golf course, get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city, and feel the purity and tranquility of nature.

Blantyre is Malawi's largest city, 60 kilometers northeast of songba, is the country's industrial and commercial center.It is one of the oldest urban centers in east, central and southern Africa, and prides itself on having the region's oldest history and cultural heritage.

Believed to be Malawi's best game breeding and reserve, wangdi national park covers 550 square kilometers and is Malawi's most well-managed and scenic national park.The park is home to hippos and crocodiles, hundreds of elephants are seen, and birds are active.In addition, you can also see African elephants, jugs, yellow-haired baboons, gray langurs, antelopes, etc.

Write in the last: Malawi in addition to have the most primitive natural state, and there the most simple people, the most moving dance and best regards, that is permeated with satisfy and happy face, waving and arm of our different color of skin, whether know, would you say a "bho, bho" (hi) , in the us that original reinforced concrete of subway, noise and complex world, here is probably the xanadu.
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