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Celebration of the 12th Anniversary of Establishment for Chinese Council Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of Malawi
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On June 16, Ma Zhanjiang, President of China Lilongwe Grand Holding Co., LTD., was invited by the Chinese Council Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of Malawi to attend and participate in the 12th anniversary celebration activities and donated items to Amitofo Care Center.

Under the leadership of Jiang Qingxi, President of the Chinese Council Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of Malawi, company leaders arrived at the orphanage, Amitofo Care Center, at 9 a.m. and were warmly received by the center's sister Huilin. President Jiang Qingxi, Ms. Chikudi, mayor assistant  of Blantyre, and sister Huilin of the Center delivered speeches for this anniversary.
Harmonious music and pleasant songs started the opening ceremony, the traditional Malawian dance lit the atmosphere of the whole venue; The guests were amazed by the song "on the field of hope" written by an orphan, Wan Jin. The children's choreographed and directed modern street dance let the guests enjoy the visual feast; The song "you raising me up" climaxed the atmosphere. Chinese kungfu, spear and sword wielding, technique pressure, sonorous and powerful, startled the audience, the children's enthusiastic performance ended in the applause of the guests.
After the cultural and artistic visual feast, the donation ceremony was held in the main hall of amitofo. In order to contribute to the development of charity, our company donated rice, corn for the orphanage of amitofo care center. Then, company leaders, accompanied by President Jiang, visited the children's schools in the orphanage, and showed concern to the children's life, study and so on.
This event has received great support from the municipal government of Blantyre. The company leaders have dinner together with Blantyre Mayor Wilder  and relevant leaders of Chinese enterprises in the China Da Restaurant, talking about cooperation and taking a group photo.

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