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Warmly celebrate the success of the "2018 enterprise development conference of Shanxi Changfeng Construction Co., LTD.
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Warmly celebrate the success of the "2018 enterprise development conference of Shanxi Changfeng Construction Co., LTD.

Shanxi Changfeng Construction Co., LTD-- Ma Zhanjiang
Honorable leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,
Good afternoon everyone!
Today, I am very excited and grateful to stand here, on behalf of Shanxi Changfeng Construction Co., LTD. I sincerely thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend this meeting of my company.
Because people who come to this meeting are the one I want to sincerely say thank you.
The development and growth of Changfeng Construction rely on everybody.
First of all, I am grateful to all the guests and leaders who care about and support the development of the company for a long time. You helped me overcome one difficulty after another.
Secondly, I am also grateful to all our colleagues who are active, diligent and hard-working. It is your dedication and devotion that make our company bigger and stronger than ever.
Thirdly, I should thank for our Communist Party, without it's right policy, our company cannot have such development space, and have more opportunities to go abroad to have a longer journey;
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my partner of African project, Li Mingze, Chairman of Chuandong Construction Group in Shanxi Province. Thanks to his great support and trust, the Grand Business Park has been successfully carried out. Today I am much glad. It is your help, support, concern and contribution that make our company realize the corporate mission of "crossing the world with integrity and giving back to the community by achievements".
Looking back over the past, Shanxi Changfeng Construction Co., LTD. was established in 2010, so far more than eight years.
In the witness of your strong support, our business scope span from construction to real estate, agriculture, commerce and other industries, today, our feet stepped in Africa.
Going abroad is a major turning point for the company. In 2015, with the change of national economic environment, most companies are on the edge of bankruptcy, especially the construction and real estate industry was affected too much, and our company also faced great challenges at that time.
Under such circumstances, I followed the policy of One Belt And One Road initiated by President Xi Jinping, and I went abroad to seek another path of entrepreneurship and development in Malawi, Africa recommended by my friends, and established China Lilongwe Grand Holding Corporation Limited and launched the project, Grand Business Park.
The park is the largest and most fully-featured modern business park within south-east Africa.
On November 22, 2017, Malawi President, vice President and cabinet ministers, Chinese ambassador in Malawi and other leaders, as well as representatives of Chinese business association and well-known entrepreneurs from various industries attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Grand Business Park, which was a great honer of our park and also showed that Malawi Government attached much importance to this project.
Wang Shiting, Chinese ambassador to Malawi, said in his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony that the Grand Business Park is regarded as a symbol of china-Malawi friendship.
Dear leaders, distinguished guests, my family members and friends, Changfeng Construction is willing to provide you with a development opportunity. Changfeng's development cannot be achieved without your support and help. Therefore, I sincerely invite you to visit and invest in Africa.
If you are optimistic for this project, Grand Business Park welcome you to join us;
If you want to invest independently, I would like to be your guide.
Anyway, the gate of Grand Park is always open for you, please do not forget that here is our home, let's work together!
The mission has been under our shoulder!
The great strategic concept of One Belt And One Road requires the joint efforts of all Chinese people to realize it.
The "Chinese Dream" of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires our joint commitment.
Dear leaders, ladies and gentlemen, dear families and friends, on the occasion of the coming Spring Festival, please allow me to represent all staff of our company, we wish you a happy Spring Festival, happiness, good health and good luck in everything!
I wish our great motherland, prosper and peaceful!
Thank you!
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